About Us

Our concept is to connect wine producers with eco-efficient projects with liqueur importers in the international market in an agile and safe way, satisfying both needs.

We are a Wine Valley Inn, to contribute to the export of wines mainly from Castilla y León. Our project is based on making available to importers the wide variety of products blessed by the river Duero.

This Community seems to have been thought as a great agricultural space dotted with vineyards, in this way we established contacts with wineries that differ from their competitors for containing eco-efficient projects, sustainable and above all that maintain the essence of the family and traditional production of wine.


To connect importers and distributors with our associated wineries so that the final consumer benefits from quality wines at excellent prices, respecting the values and traditions of each winery involved in our project, as well as the vineyards, the natural environment and society. We are committed to offering quality wines to our clients.


To be considered as an important actor in the wine export and to be the reference in the international wine market.


We are predictable and constant we are like a bridge that sustains a relationship and allows people to communicate.


We pursue excellence in everything we do and in any interaction with our customers, employees, suppliers, collaborators, etc? We offer our customers quality wines and exceptional service.


We conduct ourselves with integrity and respect for others: suppliers, employees, partners, customers and competitors. We take special care of and respect the vineyards and the environment.


We believe in long-term relationships. We work to create value and satisfaction for our customers as the only way to ensure the continuity in time of the family business.

Wine Valley Inn is a company dedicated to the retail sale and export of wines. We work directly with more than 50 wineries, making it possible for individuals to enjoy wholesale prices.

We have agreements with the most important transport companies in the country to offer shipping services from 1 bottle to complete pallets for international companies that sell wines from the Earth.

Despite our youth, both personal and professional, we fight with the big companies with very tight prices, having the best price – sale of the on-line market.

All the wineries and wines you can find on our website have been selected by our Wine Valley Inn, to whom you can write (http://www.wine-valley-inn.com) to request information about any wine or if you need a recommendation for a special occasion.

During the last 5 years we have been integrated in the world of wine, hoping that there are many more, you will soon find us in the Wine Shop.

The Intimate Side

Wine Valley Inn is born from an idea, that of tasting and knowing wines. We did not want to stay on the surface, wine always proposes something more and for that we combine the experience we have and the art of winemaking when making a wine.

Now, apart from transmitting we want you to feel, and for that we propose you a great selection of wines that we know best for their closeness and love of the autochthonous. Do not be afraid to try, as this is a trip, there are days to meet people and there are days to know wines!

You can contact us whether you are a winemaker, a wine professional or just a stranger looking for a bottle. We are on the other side to serve as a link between the drinker and the closed bottle.