CBD Fibromyalgia: CBD oil

CBD, fibromyalgia, what if these two terms were linked by pain?

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. This plant has both physical and cerebral effects. In many countries (China, India, Egypt, …), it could be traditionally used to open the doors of perception (hallucinations), to heal (shamanic ritual), soothe pain (CBD), or access the unconscious (psyche) of its user. Today, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, Hemp is consumed worldwide.

If the success of these CBD products is only increasing, especially among patients suffering from chronic pain for which conventional treatments are not sufficient, it is because CBD has many virtues. As many testimonials highlight its analgesic and relaxing potential, could this be the key to its success? If CBD has real anti-pain properties, can we say that CBD products, such as hemp oil or Hemp flowers with CBD, can alleviate the symptoms of a disease such as fibromyalgia?

CBD and Fibromyalgia, definitions

(cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid specific to Hemp? It is attributed to therapeutic properties such as :

anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, anti-stress.
It is also very appreciated for its benefits on muscle relaxation and the feeling of relaxation it causes.


is a disease that combines permanent and diffuse muscle and/or joint pain with other symptoms such as chronic fatigue, sleep, and mood disorders. This disease has a great impact on quality of life and on social, sporting, and professional activities.

CBD as a treatment for fibromyalgia

The hypothesis that CBD has real benefits for pain relief in fibromyalgia can be explained by the tendency of this cannabinoid to dampen the intensity of pain signals sent by nerves

Several studies support this hypothesis:

  • In 2011 (1): Study on the effects of Hemp use in patients with fibromyalgia. Results show relief of symptoms such as stiffness and pain intensity, along with general well-being.
  • In 2014 (2): A global survey by the National Pain Foundation found that Hemp was significantly more effective in treating fibromyalgia symptoms than FDA-approved medications.
  • In 2020 (3): A scientific study on the effects of Hemp and in particular CBD as a “treatment” for fibromyalgia. It shows that, although the current evidence is still limited, emerging data suggest a positive action of pain caused by fibromyalgia.

Despite these positive results, these studies have a limitation: they are mainly focused on the use of “therapeutic Hemp” with THC. Although the relationship between CBD and the relief of pain linked to fibromyalgia is not fully demonstrated, the benefits of CBD on chronic pain and its relaxing action are already known. Moreover, unlike medical Hemp, CBD hemp has no psychotropic effects as it does not contain THC.

For these reasons, the use of products concentrated in CBD and other cannabinoids (except THC) such as


For these reasons, the use of products concentrated in CBD and other cannabinoids (except THC), such as herbal and hemp resin, offers a high benefit/risk ratio.

CBD dosage for fibromyalgia

Although the benefits of CBD are real, in France this molecule is not considered medicine. Therefore, there is no official recommended daily amount.

The effects of cannabidiol depend directly on :

  • the concentration of the product
  • the physiology of the individual
  • their weight
  • their “therapeutic” needs

It is therefore impossible to recommend a precise daily amount. Therefore, it is advisable for a novice user to start with low doses. This recommendation is valid for both the concentration of the product and the amount ingested. Depending on the expected effects and after a few days of use, the dose of CBD can then be increased by re-evaluating the responses of this “treatment” in the body.

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