Increasing Sales Online Made Easy

Do we increase sales earlier? The days when you had to get rid of annoying sales people at your front door are fortunately as good as over. The so-called cold acquisition is a challenge for both dealers and potential buyers. In the meantime, the majority of sales are made via the Internet. Thanks to its diversity, this offers not only the prerequisites for successful sales, but also numerous security mechanisms to protect the customer.

In our article we first look at the perspective and the constant challenge of the shop operator. While our forefathers were still dependent on physical business with walk-in customers and sales representatives went from door to door in search of new customers, today’s shop operators focus more on generating high-quality leads – all in the expectation that the inclined visitor can be converted and the associated increase in sales of offered products or services is accompanied. But also the jungle of the digital marketing agency should not be underestimated. It has grown densely in the meantime, competition is lurking everywhere and is just waiting to snatch away your coveted loot.

Be creative

Think about it and try to stand out from the competition. Here the proven brainstorming methods help. Even if it seems banal at first, you must not miss this step. We are often much too distracted in everyday life and often only focus on solving concrete problems when it is (almost) too late. Use the bundled power of your creativity and invest a few constructive hours in your own progress! But the well-known motto “class before mass” also applies here – list everything, but limit your selection to the best ideas. Discuss them with your environment and your colleagues!

Design your online shop professionally

“There’s no second chance for a first impression.” The first impression counts! And that’s exactly how it is with your online shop. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook Timeline Scrolling, customers now only have a fraction of a moment left for their offer. The appearance should look professional and bring the most important offer into the customer’s field of vision.

You should therefore use high-quality product photos, allow simple zooming and allow a detailed product description before clicking on the product. It is also helpful to have a look at what the competition is doing to increase the turnover of their shops. Use the transparency of the internet and make it better!

Increase the value in the shopping cart

The customer has placed a camera in the shopping cart and is ready to complete the transaction. Perhaps he still needs the suitable camera bag. He is now in a magical phase and is susceptible to additional recommendations. Make it easy for the customer to find suitable products or services in your online store. Often it is up-selling that helps you increase sales in your online store.

It should therefore not be underestimated under any circumstances. But the art lies hidden in the possibility. The inclined customer will be suggested more price-intensive products instead of new products. The customer is attracted by cheap offers and then tenderly but certainly familiarized with the next better offer. Ideally, this is a higher quality product that promises more performance and functions with a small extra charge.

You can also increase your turnover if you offer the customer to buy a larger quantity of the product in the form of packages or even subscriptions. In return, you can offer the buyer a discount that is a customer and thus generate more sales.

Entice with vouchers and goodies

Often it’s the little things that make life tasty. Reward buyers, for example, with free samples or small give-aways. This may help your customers to remember you longer and ensure sustainable sales growth.

Also the voucher marketing should not be ignored, in order to bind the customers to your online shop and to generate more turnover. For example, you can grant a discount for a certain purchase value, which can be redeemed at the next purchase. Use the ever more sophisticated voucher functions of modern online shops and integrate running times and time-controlled campaigns into your e-mail marketing.

Offer suitable payment options

Meanwhile, there are a number of modern payment options. Make sure you choose the right combination. Consider which potential buyers you want to have in your online shop. Often first customers order first by cash on delivery, later with the more favorable prepayment. According to Statista, PayPal and similar payment providers are the most frequently chosen with 52 percent. 26 percent of online buyers prefer to pay on account. Only 12 percent prefer to pay by direct debit or credit card. Make it easier for yourself and your customers to access your products and services and offer a selection.

The optimal design of shipping and return costs

As an online retailer, you have a free choice in the design of your shipping and return costs. However, the costs should be checked for competitiveness. It is also important that shipping costs are listed transparently. It can be annoying for you and your customers if the shopping cart is filled for half an eternity and the high shipping costs are only shown at the end. You probably won’t see this customer again so soon.

The adjustment of both costs should be well thought out accordingly. In the worst case even regular customers can break away if the increase is too high. On the other hand, there is the danger that the profit margin will shrink with free shipping and return costs.


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